New Construction

Congratulations on your decision to use brick on your new project!

The following steps should help in your brick selection process.

  • Start early!!! Brick availability varies greatly and your order can be placed and put on hold until needed.
  • Check with your builder as to allowances, selections, availability and upgrades.
  • Do research on the color ranges that you like. (magazines, internet, pictures, books, etc...)
  • Locate houses in the same area that are similar to what you may want.
  • Contact several brick distributors in your area. Visit their showrooms and talk to a brick salesperson. Take pictures or other samples you may have that will give them a feel for what you like. Give the salesperson addresses for houses you like and they will identify and offer similar materials for your home.
  • Select 1st and 2nd brick choices. Due to the nature of the brick manufacturing process there are incidents that can occur that are not controllable and could affect brick productions. (weather, clay reserves, mechanical problems, etc.) Therefore, a 2nd choice is always a good idea.
  • Select your mortar color. 20% of your brick wall is mortar. There are many colors available to accent your brick and put a personal touch on your new home.
  • Ask your salesperson about the proper cleaning procedure for your selection. Do not leave this very important detail for your brick mason. DO NOT USE MURATIC ACID on your brick. Click for information on acid burns. Unless you want mortar and dirt on your brick, insist that your brick mason clean your brick.
  • Ask your builder and your brick salesperson to make sure that they order enough brick. Add-on orders made weeks later from the original order can possibly lead to trouble