Crumbling Mortar
Time and the elements can cause mortar to deteriorate. The mortar can begin to crack and portions of the mortar will fall off the wall. The pictures below are examples of crumbling mortar.

There are two options for addressing this problem.

Option 1:

Apply 3 cycles of PROSOCO Weather Seal H40. Weather Seal H40 is a water repellent and consolidating treatment. Increases mechanical strength of deteriorated masonry and protects it from water related decay.

Option 2:

Tuck pointing can be performed. This is a procedure where approximately 1/2 inch of the mortar is removed using a special saw and a diamond blade. After the old mortar is removed, new mortar is applied. Apply PROSOCO Weather Seal Siloxane PD to the repaired wall.

Always use products per manufacturer's recommendations.

Always test solution on a small before applying to the entire area.
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