I want to remove paint from my brick. Should I sandblast or use a chemical stripper?





Pictures B and C above show that sandblasting has a detrimental effect on the integrity of the wall. In order to remove more of the paint, the sandblasting would also remove more of the wall. The chemical stripper used on this sample (pictures A and D) removed nearly 100% of the paint without damaging the wall.

The product used on this sample was PROSOCO Heavy Duty Paint Stripper followed by a neutralizing afterwash of PROSOCO Restoration Cleaner. Dwell time on this panel was 4 hrs. Dwell time will vary on each job. Tests panels should be applied per manufacturers recommendations to ensure proper results.

After paint has been removed, check the strength of the mortar. If the mortar is in good shape, apply PROSOCO Weather Seal Siloxane PD to prevent future deterioration from water damage. If mortar is soft, apply PROSOCO Weather Seal H40. This product will strengthen the mortar and also protect it from water damage. Both of these products are breathable and will not contribute to the spalling of the brick.
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