I have a dark brick on my house. After it was cleaned, it now has a white haze on the brick. What could this be and can it be cleaned?


It sounds like you may have a condition that we refer to as "White Scum". If your brick was cleaned too early, with the wrong material or just cleaned incorrectly, this can occur. A way to verify this condition is to wet the brick. While the brick is still wet, if you can still see the white on the brick then this is what you have.

Ordinary brick cleaners will not break down the white. The solution is to clean a sample using PROSOCO SureKlean White Scum Remover at a dilution rate of 1 part cleaner to 1 part water. Let the solution dwell on the brick for 3 minutes and rinse. A pressure rinse of 1000 lbs will help, if it will not harm your brick. (See our page on water pressure damage.) Several applications may be needed.

As always do a small test area to ensure desired results are achieved. Also, always follow the manufacturer's directions for application and safety.


PROSOCO offers a full line of masonry cleaners.

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