After my new home was completed, I noticed mortar "smears" on the brick face. How can I remove these?
In the process of laying the brick, it is expected that mortar will inadvertently end up on the brick face. This fact creates the need for a thorough brick cleaning for all new construction. The pictures below depict two examples of mortar appearing on the face of the brick. Picture A. clearly shows a large area where the mortar was accidentally applied to the brick face. Picture B. is an example of an unclean brick wall.

Clean the bricks with appropriate PROSOCO SURE KLEAN masonry cleaner. See reference table. This will remove the excess mortar.

Note: The type of cleaner selected is based on the type of brick to be cleaned.

Do Not Use Muriatic Acid!

Always test the solution on a test panel. Use per manufacturer's recommendation.

PROSOCO offers a full line of masonry cleaners.

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