I have a new home that was not cleaned to my satisfaction. There is mortar on the brick in places and it also has a white haze on part of the bricks. Before I could have the brick recleaned, the contractor sprayed a water repellant on the bricks and now the PROSOCO SureKlean does not seem to be working. What can I do?

The water repellant is keeping the SureKlean from coming in contact with the mortar and will not work unless you remove the repellant. Determine what product was used and contact PROSOCO customer service for their chemical recommendation. In most cases, the product to use is Dicone NC15 Gel by PROSOCO. In picture A above, the Dicone removed about 75% of repellant and allowed for final cleanup. The material was applied and left on for one hour, taking care not to allow to dry on wall. It was pressure rinsed thoroughly with 1000 lbs. pressure. If removal is successful, you will notice that the wall wets out when rinsed as in picture B.

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