I have to repair a hole in my brick wall. What do I do?
Holes in brick can be purposely created or caused by accidents. In either case, the proper repair of the hole can hide any trace of the hole's prior existence. Improperly repaired holes can provide an unsightly mark in your brick. The pictures below illustrate several holes that were not correctly repaired.

Poor Brick Match in picture A. In picture B. the brick matches, but the wall was not properly cleaned.

First, salvage several of the bricks from the damaged area trying to get the full color range. If brick are not available take a photo of the wall and measure the height and length of the brick. This is very important in order for the brick to course out correctly. ( If brick height is different, the mortar joint will not be straight)

Second, measure the dimensions of the hole so as to determine how many bricks you may need.

Third, make note of your mortar color. This is very important because 20% of the area is mortar.

Fourth, take your gathered information to a brick distributor in your area. They will hopefully be able to identify the brick. If the distributor does not represent the manufacturer of your brick they will usually send you to another brick source in your area. If unable to match the brick, and there is a real good chance that you won't, we would recommend that you go with a lighter shade. This will allow you the option of having the brick touched up. This is done by a brick artist. If touch-up is required, choose lighter brick as shown in the first picture above.

By doing this leg work yourself, you will save money by not having to pay a contractor to do it for you .

Fifth, seek out a qualified contractor in your area. Get a written quote.

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