I have been tagged by graffiti artists. How can I safely remove the paint from my brick without damaging my wall?


The paint should be removed with PROSOCO Fast Acting Stripper as per manufacturer recommendations. The use of a pressure rinse is very important, as always use a 40 degree tip and about 1000 lbs. pressure. Do not use muratic acid. The use of hot water during cold temperatures will greatly improve your results and decrease your labor time. If pressure is not available, use a stiff brush and a lot of water. If a second application is needed, let wall dry thoroughly before treating again.

After paint has been removed you can reduce the cleanup time of future graffiti by applying PROSOCO Block Guard/Graffiti Control. This product will serve as a barrier between the brick and the graffiti. It will allow the paint to be removed very easily without having to reapply the product after cleaning.

As always a small test panel should be done to determine results.


PROSOCO offers a full line of masonry cleaners.

Contact them at www.prosoco.com or 800-255-4255.

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