I have a white brick on my house that has dirt splashed up on the bottom 3 foot. How can I clean this off without damaging my brick and mortar?

Uncleaned white brick.

Using brush to clean brick.

Rinsing brick with pressure washer.

Cleaning the bottom third of your home correctly is very important. You do not want to change the color of either the brick or the mortar; therefore, we would always recommend that you do a small test area. On slightly dirty bricks, you may use Heavy Duty Detergent as manufactured by PROSOCO. Use the cleaner per the manufacturer's recommendations. On very dirty white bricks, it usually requires stronger cleaners and methods. The pictures above show the steps followed to clean white brick using SureKlean Restoration Cleaner at a dilution rate of 1 part cleaner to 2 parts water and rinsing with pressure of 1000 lbs. with a fan tip nozzle. Note that I am staying approximately 12" away from wall, this is very important if your brick has a coating that could be damaged by the pressure.
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