I have brick on my home that was made with natural marble dust. Dirt has accumulated around the bottom of the exterior wall. How can I clean this without damaging the brick?


The picture above shows some reddish dirt build up on the bottom of wall. This brick is manufactured with marble chips and should be cleaned carefully.

We recommend cleaning dirt from this type of brick by using PROSOCO SureKlean EIFS Cleaner. To determine the dilution rate, experiment with a small test panel. Review manufacturer's cleaning methods prior to cleaning and always do a small test area to ensure that you achieve satisfactory results.

If the EIFS Cleaner is not successful, use PROSOCO Vanatrol at a dilution rate of 1 part Vanatrol to 8 parts water. Once again, always do a small test panel and follow the manufacturer's recommended safety precautions.

To speed up future cleaning, we recommend sealing the brick with PROSOCO Custom Masonry Sealer per the manufacturer's recommendations.


PROSOCO offers a full line of masonry cleaners.

Contact them at www.prosoco.com or 800-255-4255.

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