I have a coated concrete brick on my new home and after the brick mason cleaned the brick it changed colors and has a lot of white streaks. What do you think happened and can it be fixed?

It sounds like the brick was improperly cleaned. If the wall was not properly prewetted and the cleaner was not rinsed off sufficiently, you can see these symptoms especially on a coated concrete brick. The wrong cleaning chemical could have been used as well. Pictures A and B illustrate stains on coated concrete brick. For new construction cleaning, see reference table.

The pictures above demonstrate a situation where this has occurred. The corrective measures consisted of recleaning the wall with a solution of 1 part PROSOCO SUREKLEAN Light Duty Concrete Cleaner to 1 part water. The solution was left on the prewetted wall for 3 minutes, agitated with soft bristle acid brush, and rinsed with clean water. Picture C shows the section that was cleaned.

Note: Because coatings on brick are sometimes thin and cement based you need to always do small tests area to assure that you do not change the appearance of the brick.
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