My brick chimney is leaking. What do I need to do?
Chimney leaks can caused by a number of things. The pictures below show examples of where chimney leaks can occur. The first picture shows the chimney cap. The next two pictures depicts a properly "flashed" chimney. Improper flashing can also cause the leaking.

Always start at the top of the chimney. Check to see if your chimney cap is properly installed or in good shape. If you do not have a cap on your chimney, you may want to purchase one.

Check the mortar bed on top of the chimney for cracks. If large cracks are prevalent, you may want to purchase a chimney cap that covers the entire top of the chimney.

Check the brick and mortar, especially on the top 3 or 4 courses and look for damage.

Take a water hose and wet the outside of the chimney. Note the amount of water that appears to be absorbing into your brick and mortar.

Check the flashing at the base of the chimney and make sure water can not get behind the flashing material.

If damage is found, repairs need to be made by repairing mortar or replacing brick. After the chimney has been repaired, apply PROSOCO Weather Seal Siloxane PD. If you should have a very porous brick, PROSOCO Custom Masonry Sealer should be used.

PROSOCO offers a full line of water repellents.

Contact them at www.prosoco.com or 800-255-4255.

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