New Construction

Jobsite Tips

  • Brick trucks are big and heavy. Make sure that you have a clean flat area that will be accessible. Do not expect trucks to cross over sidewalks or driveways.
  • Brick trucks get stuck easy. Please be aware of soft ground.
  • If delivered with Boom truck make sure that storage area is free of overhead lines, limbs, or other obstacles.
  • Inspect the brick! After brick arrive and before they start laying them, inspect them thoroughly. Make sure that they meet your approval. If you have any questions, do not allow the brick mason to start! Contact your brick representative immediately. If not available, contact the brick manufacturer. Contact information will be on bundle. Remember, USE OF THE BRICK CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE. Pictures of using incorrect brick.
  • Adhere to manufacturer recommendations located on bundle tag regarding mixing of the bundles and straps of brick. (Unload bundle at a diagonal and work off of several bundles at a time.)
  • Insist that the brick mason plan his work to prevent bricking the front of the house last. By doing this, if additional brick is ordered and brick or mortar does not match it will be on the back or side of the house.Although not optimal, it prevents having mismatched brick over the front door or front gable.
  • Insist that your brick mason use a brick saw. This will help on corner cuts and unnecessary wasted brick due to breaking brick with brick trowel.
  • If using mortar color, make sure that the dosage rate is measured by weight in every batch of mortar. Volumetric measurement could lead to mortar variation.
  • Keep brick as dry and clean as possible prior to installation. (especially on lighter color)
  • Insist that mason clean brick properly upon completion.
  • Most brick distributors will pick up full bundles of brick. However, we recommend that you keep a quantity of brick for possible future use. Usually a bundle is adequate. Use the surplus to line flower beds, lay flat for patio, or other uses. If you ever need a few bricks, then you can dig them up, clean them off, and you're ensured of a match.